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We are here to help you create the space of your dreams! Here at CH Design Co. we started an e-design program for clients that are looking to revamp an old space or for those who are starting with a clean slate. These packages allow you to get a designer look for your home or office at a low price with a budget in mind. 

Now how does it work? First you decide what package you would like to start with. From there you will pay for the package by selecting from the options below. Once you have paid you will receive a link to download the design questionnaire and a piece of graph paper for you to give us the dimensions of your space. Next you will fill out the questionnaire, and draw your floor plan for us on the graph paper sheet and send it back to us along with pictures of your space and items that you would like to keep. 

The next is up to us! Within 9 days you will receive a design board and floor plan for your space. If you love the designs we will go forward and create renderings ( if you choose that option ) the shopping list and then the final design package for you to implement yourself.  If we didn't quite hit it on the mark a revision round is included in each package.

Why is this such a great option? The packages are created to be all inclusive without the worry of an hourly fee from a designer and the high designer prices.

If you don't see an option that you like contact us and we can work with you to create a package that best suites your needs. 


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Lets get your designs started! 

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